Every month you pay for your access based on your selected plan. The plan varies from business, business pro, and business pro max. Each plan has its own uniqueness and features.

We have two different payment methods; you can either pay via bank transfer or with Quickteller. Both methods are effective and straightforward. Upon confirmation, your softphone will be provisioned.

Concurrent calls are simply the number of simultaneous phone calls that can occur over the IP network at the same time. i.e Multiple people can take calls at desame time.

The prices are formed based on the access to the various services EazyTalk offers. Each plan has its own uniqueness and features which is responsible for the difference in the pricing.

Yes. You only recharge your EazyTalk line to call out (Any local network provider) , We do not charge for inbound calls i.e receiving call is 100% FREE

Regardless of a plan upgrade, your EazyTalk number remains the same.

You can reach out to us via phone call or email. Our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible and if need be, your inquiry will be redirected to the technical team. You can send an email to support@icamlightsolutions.com or give us a call on 018883070.